Deitz House Moving Engineers, Inc. Muskegon, Michigan  USA

Photo Gallery of Our Work

80 year old railroad car lifted.     new 10/31/13

106 year old church moved.     new 8/13/13

Under House Excavation Blog    3/7/13

4,000 Square Foot Clear Span Metal Building is Relocated                9/12/12

4,350 Square Foot Office Building is Relocated                         Updated! 9/12/12

Grand Haven, MI beach house get a new basement.                         1/31/12

Restoration begins with a new foundation                        12/8/11

House Move in Holland MI            11/30/11

House Moving in Whitehall, MI   8/10/11

Michigan Building Movers stabilize structure     NEW!  8/5/11

Michigan Structural Movers Save Historic Barn     2/21/11

Michigan Building Movers save collapsed roof     2/21/11

Selected pictures building movers work 2011          UPDATED! 2/21/11

Michigan house movers lift house and add a story    

Basement put under an existing structure    Updated! 2/1/10

 A roof moves in Southwestern Michigan       Updated 2/10/11

Historic Barn Restoration Michigan           last  updated 7/8/08

Historic Preservation in Douglas, MI         last updated 2/1/10

Raising a two thousand square foot roof    last updated  3/18/08

Historic Preservation at Willow Run Airport, Belleville, MI   

Historic Preservation in Ann Arbor, MI   

During and After    UPDATED! 3/18/08

Selected pictures of recent work       UPDATED! 12/16/08

2008 International Association of Structural Movers Award Winner! New 3/18/08

2007 International Association of Structural Movers Award Winner!  

A large brick house

Historic Preservation, The Smith Flatrock Hotel

Historic Preservation, The Burnham House

A basement dug under house!

Foundation Replaced


Deitz House Moving Engineers is a fourth generation house moving company located in Western Michigan. Originally started in 1945, we have served Michigan for over sixty-five years.

What We Do:

Over the years we have evolved from a house moving business into a company which is more appropriately described as Structural Movers. If you are unfamiliar with the structural moving industry, we move built in place structures of all types. Deitz House Movers is pleased to offer a w i d e range of expertise. Services include house and building moving, building raising, under-house excavating, foundation and/or basement replacement, building leveling, shoring, underpinning, basement repair and hydraulic jacking. Deitz House Moving Engineers Incorporated is excited to raise awareness of this industry and offer quality structural moving services. The majority of our work is done in Michigan; however we are pleased to consider specialty projects in any of the surrounding states. Please take a look at our site, here you will find further explanation of our company and illustrations of our most recent moves.

Phone: 1-231-773-8964  Email: deitzmovers@aol.com


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We are a member of the world's oldest recycling industry.  

The International Association of Structural Movers, Inc.

Daniel Deitz is a charter member and is a Past President of the IASM.